Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Pan-Am time!

A huge welcome to everyone who has arrived in Bermuda for the 2013 Pan-American Debate Championships! We are so pleased to have you here on our island.

Check out our schedule as it may have changed since you last saw it. Don't worry; you'll be given a copy of it in the morning at registration. Also, please be sure to show our sponsors and donors some love, as this would not be possible without them!

The day is starting bright and early, so be sure to get plenty of rest tonight. We have the opening and workshops in the morning, followed by debates and the Welcome Reception in the evening. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook group for updates as the tournament progresses.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hi everyone! We have updated a few sections of the website:

  • The schedule has been updated to provide some more information about the social activities
  • The participants list has been updated to show which countries will send representatives
  • The Bermuda Debate Society section has been added to give you some more information about us
We are very excited to welcome you to Bermuda in just over two months!